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Pre-Con FB IG Promo – Booster

Pre-Con FB IG Promo – Booster

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    • 175 $
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    • 250 $
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    • 20 $

  • Design & Manage Online Campaigns:
    • Campaign Setup on Facebook
    • Campaign Management & Administration
    • Monthly Report
    • Fast Turnaround (48 hours)


    • It’s recommended to let your Facebook Ads campaign run for at least 12 weeks. It’s also recommended that your weekly budget be at least $100
    • You may add more credit to your weekly budget or extend your campaign period.
    • There’s no guarantee you’ll close a deal when you run the online ads, however, we’re doing our part to get you as many qualified leads as possible through your optimized campaign.
    • When it comes to budgeting and results, there are some things beyond our control including market fluctuation, other competitors’ budgets, the builder’s reputation, the length of the platinum launch, and more.
    • We’ll get back to you after 3 days of the campaign life cycle with more accurate data, so you can budget properly if you’ve followed our budget’s instructions.
    • Regardless of whether your online ads campaign is paused or deactivated, the setup fee is not refundable, but your not spent budget will be reimbursed.